Tube Cutting Machines & Technologies

Custom built tube cutting machines that are reliable, fast, and easily integrated into your specific application.

Dual Blade Shear - Tube Cutting Machines

Dual-Blade Shear Cutting: click here for more info
Produce high quality, distortion free cuts on a variety of tubular shapes and materials. Available in automatic or manually operated models.

KleenCut - Tube Cutting Machines

KleenCut™ Supported Shear Cutting: click here for more info
Ideal for cutting a wide range of materials with heavy wall thickness or in short lengths. This method of tube cutting offers a near burr free cut with no material loss.

Cold Saw Cutting - Tube Cutting Machines

Cold Saw Tube Cutting Machines: click here for more info
A unique cutting system which produces unparalleled tube cutting performance and speed while maximizing saw blade life.

Haventrak - Tube Cutting Machines

HavenTrak™ Flying Shear Tube Cutting: click here for more info
Utilizes the speed and precision of our “Dual-Blade Shear” Cut-Off Head, combined with Universal Controls Group’s “UTRAK” Length Control System, to deliver accurate, high quality, dimple free cuts on the fly.