Automated Tube Cutting Systems

Automated Tube Cutting Systems

Integrate any or all of these processes with a variety of automated tube cutting systems:

  • Automatic Bundle Loader
  • Dual-Blade Shear or Supported Shear Cutting
  • Wire Brush Deburring
  • Endfinishing (chamfering)
  • Length Inspection
  • Ovality/Straightness Inspection
  • Automatic Packaging (Mechanical or Robotic)

Considering Automation?
The decision to integrate your tube cutting process with other secondary processes needs to be evaluated carefully. The most obvious benefit to be realized is labor savings generated by integrating several processes that otherwise would be done individually. Integration also has added benefits of eliminating work in progress and the associated inventory tracking, saving floor space by keeping the cutting and secondary processes close, and decreasing production scheduling duties.

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