Continuous Flow Material Handling SystemApplication: Tube Washer Loading

Challenge: Conveying tubes through a washer sounds ordinary, but in this Case Study, Haven was asked to design and build a feeding system that joined tubes end-to-end, creating a continuous flow.  By joining the ends, it helps to reduce the amount of water intrusion to the inside of the tube.  The next step in the customer’s operation is a coating process; therefore, excessive water in the tube would compromise quality.  The Haven solution starts with an automatic bundle loader; similar to our standard loader, but customized to obtain the required line speed of 150 feet per minute.  After the loader deposits a tube onto the transfer conveyor, the servo controlled drive rolls quickly drive the tube toward the washer.  Before the next tube can be lowered, the leading tube has already opened up a gap.  To close that gap and to join the ends, the program accelerates the trailing tube, catches the leading tube, and then decelerates to make a gentle contact.  There is no banging or bumping of the lead tube, just a smooth continuous product flow.

Results: This project demonstrates, once again, that Haven’s ability and willingness to take on challenges that stretch our imagineering, expands our capabilities to better serve a wider customer base.   Haven is a full service, turnkey supplier to the tube processing industry.


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Tube Washer Loading

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