Coiled Tubing

Coiled Tubing to Cut Brake Line and Fuel Line Video


Automotive brake and fuel line industry.
 For decades, automotive brake line and fuel line manufacturers have used Haven’s Model 801 and 803 dual-blade shear cutoffs for their cut-to-length operations. These single and double axis machines are fast, accurate and reliable. But the cutoffs are only a portion of what Haven provides to this industry. Haven offers complete turnkey integrated lines that include uncoilers, loop accumulators, tube  straighteners, fallout conveyance systems and exit accumulation tables. Working together, these machines allow the Haven Cutoff to operate at the fastest speed possible; especially for longer lengths. The accumulator  compensates for the cutoff start and stop cycle; making sure there is always material available to the cutoff for any length. The uncoiler simply unwinds the material to fill the accumulator. This sequence creates an uninterrupted flow of material to the cutoff operation.

Application: Coiled Tubing to Cut Brake Line and Fuel Line

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