Custom Bundle Loader for Severely Bent Tubes

Application: Feeding a Rotary Tube Straightener

Challenge: An automated process requires consistent parts to run efficiently.  If an out-of-print part is introduced, it will either stop the process or produce a defective product.  In this Case Study, Haven was challenged with designing a bundle loading system, where the parts were not consistent; in fact, outside industry recognized standards for straightness.  The application required feeding tubes into an automatic rotary straightener.  The tubes coming from a drawing operation had random overall camber of up to 7.0 inches.  Unscrambling a straight bundle of tubes is inherently difficult, due to the unpredictable movement of tubes as they escape the bundle.  So, how do you design an automated system for inconsistent parts and unpredictable condition?  The simple answer was to use the bow of the tube to our advantage.  The solution was all but simple, but the concept allowed a very difficult condition to become manageable.  Combining the mechanical advantage logic with extensive electronic programming, made the machine smart enough to adjust and correct the flow of out-of-position tubes.  In addition, a 7 second minimum cycle time had to be achieved to provide continuous process flow.

Results: Haven’s ability to innovate this unconventional solution, produced a product that solved a major issue for our customer.  Without it, they had no logical or safe way to feed tubes into the rotary straightener.   Haven’s ability and willingness to accept out-of-the-box challenges is what sets us apart. Haven is a full service, turnkey supplier to the tube processing industry.


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• Custom Bundle Loader for Severely Bent Tubes