Double Bundle Loading System


Automotive Aftermarket Exhaust Manufacturer

Challenge: Lean manufacturing principles have long been used to reduce the amount of non-value added or waste in manufacturing. One of those wastes is material handling. Simply moving a part from one location to another is not adding value to that part. It is also waste to be waiting on a material handler to deliver raw material to a process. This Case Study highlights how Haven helped to reduce material handling waste for an automotive aftermarket exhaust customer. Our solution was to build a custom double bundle loading system, integrating two loading sections, in series, with independent controls; Bundle “A” and Bundle “B”. Having two bundle locations feeding a single Haven Model #873 Servo dual-blade shear cutoff, allows the process to run uninterrupted, as long as one of the loader sections has tubes in it. Therefore, when Bundle “A” is empty, the machine automatically switches over to Bundle “B”. The material handler then fills Bundle “A”, when time permits. If coordinated properly, the machine will run uninterrupted until the order is complete, resulting in a substantial increase in productivity. It is also possible to stage a new tube size for the next order in one of the sections. As soon as the cutoff has been changed over, the line is ready to produce.

Results: Haven’s versatility is shown once again in our ability to innovate and produce reliable solutions for our customers. Haven is a full service turnkey equipment supplier to a wide variety of tubular applications for cut-to-length, finishing and material handling.