double end finishing machine

Aerospace Fluid Transfer Tubing

Challenge: Aerospace supplier requires an automatic machine to perform chamfering and end
facing on both ends of a bent tube elbow.

Solution: Haven has long been recognized as the leader in double end finishing equipment for applications ranging from simple chamfering to extremely tight tolerance specifications, such as automotive shock absorbers. These standard applications have one common feature, the work piece is straight. Not in this case. The challenge posed to Haven was to design a machine that would end finish both ends of a bent tube, in one setup. In addition, the machine had to be programmable to automatically adjust feeds and speeds for infinite tube diameters and lengths; and not all parts are symmetrical. It was obvious that a traditional dual spindle arrangement would not be practical. Haven engineers had to come up with a way to precisely rotate the part from one end to the other and accurately machine both ends without enduring a lengthy setup process. The solution was to use a servo controlled index turntable and a servo controlled precision bearing spindle. The extreme accuracy of these devices was needed to position the part to an exact location and then feed the cutting tool to the proper depth, which established the finish length for each leg of the elbow. With repeatability achieved, a program had to be developed that would accommodate dozens of diameter and length combinations. Haven’s system engineers custom designed a user friendly program and operator interface for entering part parameter data. To make a changeover, the operator simply chooses the part number from a menu to change the program. On the mechanical side of the machine design, the work piece fixtures were machined to the shape of the part, which, along with their quick change feature, become a poka-yoke for accurate and repeatable setups. This allows the customer to produce efficient small quantity runs.

Results: This machine replaces a manual operation that was difficult to maintain dimensional consistency. Haven’s solution not only greatly improved productivity and quality, but also resulted in a more capable downstream assembly process. Overall, the quality of the entire product has improved. Haven is proud that our products consistently meet or exceed the high expectations of our customers. Haven understands the stringent requirements that the aerospace industry demands and has the knowledge, flexibility, and design experience to produce desired results.

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