tube cutting and length inspection

A leading commercial fire sprinkler system company chose Haven Manufacturing to design and build a tube cutting and length inspection line that would integrate with their downstream threading process and with their factory ERP system. Being a liability sensitive industry, sprinkler systems are built to very stringent safety and production guidelines. A sprinkler system is made up of three primary components; header, down pipe and sprinkler head. In this application, the Haven Model #873 Servo dual-blade shear cutoff is cutting and inspecting for length accuracy prior to the down pipe entering the customers threading process. Generally, the down pipe is made in sequence to the overall system layout. That means one tube at a time is cut and threaded and then labeled for part number and installation sequence identity. The menu of pipe lengths and quantities is generated by an ERP system and is sent remotely to the Haven cutoff. The cutoff automatically adjusts for length via a servo controlled linear actuator. After the pipe is cut, it is transferred to a length measuring station to verify that the pipe matches the original input. Since each pipe could be a different length, the measurement system must also automatically adjust to accept the new pipe. This is also done through a servo controlled linear actuator. The pipe is then transferred to the customer’s threading operation, again in the sequence ordered by the ERP schedule. All of the data is returned to the ERP system to verify production accuracy.

Haven had the right product and engineering expertise to facilitate the needs of this application. Haven’s flexibility, both mechanically and electronically, demonstrates the breadth and depth of our design capabilities. Haven is a full service turnkey supplier to a variety of tubular related industries. For more information, contact Haven at: