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With the continued issues and concerns associated with COVID-19 it is essential that we protect our workers and minimize the risk of disruption to our business. The health and safety of our Haven employees, customers and external suppliers is the highest priority for us. At the same time, we need to ensure our business continuity as well as the continuity of our customer’s businesses. I would like to take this opportunity to inform you how Haven is dealing with the situation presented by the current spread of this virus and what you can expect from Haven.

Haven management is continuing to monitor the recommendations of the World Health Organization and United States Center for Disease Control. Within the Haven facility in Brunswick, GA we have implemented more frequent and rigorous cleaning of those areas with frequent human contact and additional sanitation and disinfectant materials have been made available to our employees. There have been no known incidents of Haven employees being exposed to anyone carrying the COVID-19 virus. To minimize the risk of exposure Haven is implementing the following policies immediately.

Meetings between Haven employees and representatives from external companies that do not necessitate personal presence will be conducted via webinar or conference call.

Travel for all Haven employees has been suspended until further notice.

Haven recognizes the critical role we have in supporting our customers’ daily production. As such, Haven will continue to provide qualified technical and service support via phone and video conference to its customers worldwide.

While we recognize this may pose an inconvenience, we believe the importance of protecting the health of both Haven and our customer’s employees is paramount and cannot be compromised.

Should you have any concerns about Haven’s support of your business during these difficult times I welcome your call or email.

Best regards,
Steve Thiry

Office: 912-265-7536
Cell: 859-307-8879