873 Dual-Blade Shear Cutoff machineApplication:

Dog kennel manufacturing

Challenge: A dog kennel manufacturer approached Haven with a need to quickly and precisely cut their tubing. The challenge was that their kennels only required 4 specific cut lengths. Haven was quick to design a quad tube stop for this customer that allows them to quickly adjust to these 4 different lengths on the fly, while minimizing scrap. Haven also included conveyors on both ends of their customized sort table, to help minimize downtime.

Results: This allowed the customer to easily go from bundled tubing to finished parts that were robotically picked up from the dual conveyor outflow system. Haven’s flexibility & customization, both mechanically and electronically, was demonstrated on this project. Haven is a full-service turnkey supplier to a variety of tubular related industries and end users.

873 Dual-Blade Shear Cutting video

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Line of Business

Target Markets
Furniture and other industries.
Haven Product in Use
• 873 Dual-Blade Shear Cutoff
• Quad tube stop, quickly adjust to 4 different lengths
• Dual conveyor outflow system
• Customized sort table