tube cutting and length inspection line


Conduit Cut-To-Length & Package

Solution: Reducing workplace injuries and increasing productivity is a common goal for all
manufacturers. Haven Manufacturing is helping a leading Midwest tube producer achieve those goals
by developing a 4-axis robotic packaging system and integrating it with a cut-to-length and brush
de-burring line. What once required 3 or 4 people to operate a line, including manually packaging
product, now takes one operator and one part-time material handler. The customer produces a wide
range of conduit diameters from 1.0” to 4.50” and wall thickness from .049” to .237”. The equipment
had to be flexible, reliable and user-friendly. The process begins with a Soco Model SA-115NC-CL2
sawing machine with automatic bundle loading and servo length control. Cut tubes are deposited onto
a Haven built conveyor, which transfers and diverts the tube into a Haven Model #970 Wire Brush
De-burring machine. As the tubes exit the brush machine, they are deposited onto a preparation
table that orients them for pick-up by the packaging robot. The pickup head design is electro-magnet,
with head motion of X, Y, Z and 90° rotation. Several packaging patterns are pre-programmed to
allow for quick and easy changeover for diameter, length and container size. This particular
application requires a material handler to forklift out the full container and replace it with an
empty container. The container orientation is guided by a two-sided fixed locator with electronic
position verification. The process cycle time allows enough time to exchange containers without
delaying production. Haven also has the option of adding an automatic container egress and ingress
conveyance system.

Results: Haven’s versatility is shown once again in our ability to innovate and produce
reliable solutions for our customers. Haven is a full service turnkey equipment supplier to a
wide variety of tubular applications for cut-to-length, finishing and material handling.

Dual-blade shear cutting

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•Model SA-115NC-CL2 Sawing Machine
•Model 970 Wire Brush De-burring Machine