For over 50 years Haven Manufacturing has provided industry leading solutions and machines for precision, high performance, fully integrated, loading, cutting, deburring, and endfinishing needs for the industry.

Haven is now entering into new areas and sectors. Companies are confidently turning to Haven for solutions to their complex and industry-specific applications, and for Haven’s excellently engineered machines specifically built to handle their specialized tube processing needs.

Haven’s superior engineering team has successfully designed a machine that cuts zirconium nuclear reactor fuel rod casings – a new challenge for Haven. The company that requested a solution had been using a sawing machine that produces a tremendous amount of extremely dangerous dust. Not only did Haven engineer a machine that all but eliminated the dust problem, their specifically engineered machine also cut the time of cutting 20 ft. long tubes from a 120 ft. long tube – from 1.5 minutes to a remarkable 2 seconds.