Model-873-Dual-Blade-Shear-CutoffMost of the design improvements have been made in the controls.

A. High efficiency hydraulic motor.

B. Improved hydraulic design; including stand-alone tank assembly.

C. Crop-cut and decel switches removed from the bundle loader. The operator no longer has to set these switches; it is done automatically in the program.

D. The tube bundle can now have varying lengths, with no additional setup required.

E. The Tube Stop length adjustment is controlled from the operator’s panel, not from the end of the Tube Stop. A large digital display shows on the panel.

F. New cutoff guard design is more durable and easier to open. It also better protects the operator.

G. A horizontal blade chip stripper has been added to the horizontal slide. This helps to reduce chip dents.

H. The operator panel is a larger Panelview Plus, with enhanced instructions and fault detection.

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