Unique Tubular Shape

Off-Road Recreational Vehicle Frames

Challenge: One major advantage of Haven’s Dual-Blade shear cutoff technology is the ability
to cut a variety of tubular shapes. Haven has been presented with many clamp die design challenges
over the years, but none quite like this one. This asymmetrical figure-8 part is used in off-road
recreational vehicles. The part could be circular saw cut, but due to high volume requirements,
the customer would save a lot of money cutting it on their existing Haven Model #873 cutoff. Haven
engineers were able to figure the correct point of entry for the shear blade, but knowing how all
the remaining surfaces would shear was a challenge. At one angle, the top half of the part would
shear properly, but the lower half was at risk of collapsing or deforming. Turn the part on another
angle and the results could be the opposite. With the help of AutoDesk Inventor, the engineers
were able to model a pre-determined shear path that had the best chance of succeeding.

Results: The application required testing before the customer could commit to switching their
production over to the Haven cutoff. Haven manufactured a set of production ready clamp dies for
the test. With a few tweaks to the shear blade profile, the part sheared successfully, with no
deformation and very little burr. The only charge to the customer was for the set of dies. Haven
prides itself in being there for our customers. Their success is our success.

Line of Business
Off-Road Recreational Vehicle Frames

Target Markets
Tube Fabricator
Haven Products in Use
• Model #873 cutoff