cut to length and coping

Trimming automotive seat frames prior to welding operation

Solution: A leading tube producer and fabricator in the automotive industry, and longtime. Haven customer, asked Haven to develop a process that combines length trimming and radius coping into a single operation. When welding two round tubes together to make a T-connection, coping is the preferred way to condition one tube end for a tight fit. For this application, the customer is required to trim both ends of a tube after bending to obtain matching finished lengths. Coping is usually a separate operation, so the challenge for Haven was to combine the trim-to-length and the coping into one operation, thus saving the customer time and money. The basic action of this process is no different than that of a standard dual-blade shear cutoff – clamp, nick and shear. The width of the blade removes an equivalent amount of material (kerf) from the tube, but is greatly increased when coping. The design of the clamp die and shear blade had to be changed. Standard design has a flat, two plane interface between the shear blade and the clamp die, making a square cut. For this application, the blade’s outgoing side, or scrap side, remains flat, while the incoming side is profiled to match the cope radius and depth. Likewise, the clamp die is designed with a concave profile to match that of the shear blade. As with a square cut, the profiled die and blade interface creates the shearing surface that parts the tube. Put all of these innovations together into a self-contained modular style package and you get a very capable dual-action trimming and coping process.

Results: Haven provided our customer the innovation, accuracy and reliability needed to improve their production and cost. Haven has the ability to design and manufacture application specific machines, providing our customers the depth and breadth needed to solve almost any tube related challenge.


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Automotive Seat Frames
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• Customized Dual-Blade Shear Cutoff
• Customized Coping process