KleenCut Supported Shear Cutoff

Application: Automotive Rocker Arm Tubular Component

Solution: This automotive application utilized a Haven Model 620 KleenCut Supported Shear cutoff with automatic transfer to a Model #939 Double End Finisher. The tube could have been processed on a Haven dual-blade shear cutoff, but the customer was able to justify going with the Haven KleenCut Supported Shear cutoff, because of its scrap free cut. By not producing a kerf from every cut, the KleenCut yielded at least one extra part per mill length. One extra part over thousands of sticks per year adds up to a sizable material savings.

In combination with the KleenCut cutoff and double end finisher, this application introduced a unique challenge to Haven. One end of the mill stick had to be de-burred due to a severe I.D. burr left on one end by a disc style cutting process at the supplier. Haven designed a single end finisher that was integrated within the bundle loading system. Tubes segregated out of the bundle are indexed into a pinch roll drive that transfers the tube in to and out of the de-burring machine. The tube is then indexed into a station that blows out the chips and adds a light micro-mist lubrication to the I.D. From there, the tube is automatically sequenced into the KleenCut servo hitch feed cutoff.

Results: The design flexibility of Haven provided this customer with solutions needed to meet their specific production requirements, while solving a supplier’s process issue. Between standard products and special designed machines, Haven offers our customers solutions for almost any production challenge. Contact Haven to discuss your application. Either we have a solution for you or we will help you find one.

Watch thDual-blade shear cuttinge video



Line of Business
Automotive Ride Control
Target Markets
Rocker Arm Tubular Component and other precision double end finishing applications
Haven Products in Use
• KleenCut Model 620 Cutoff
• End Finisher Model 939