Double end finishing chip removal

Reduce chip contamination from double end finishing operation.

Solution: Haven designs and builds some of the most advanced process solutions in the tubing
industry. But even the best solutions may have an inherent characteristic that may not satisfy
certain customer specifications. In this case study, a leading automotive parts supplier required
a chip removal operation to be integrated with the double end finishing operation. To find a solution,
we examine Haven’s double end finishing process, which consists of I.D. / O.D. chamfers and end facing.
As with all Haven end finishers, close and repeatable tolerance control is a standard, along with
maximum cycle rates for the application. Standard Haven end finishers are designed to release the
tube after the machining operation and escape out the front of the machine. This sequence loses
control of the tube, not allowing us to perform sequential operations within the frame of the machine.
For this application, in order to gain control of the tube, we designed a simple and economical
shuttle beam transfer system into the part indexing sequence. The shuttle performs three required
tasks. First, the shuttle passes below a stack of tubes that have accumulated in the magazine rack.
One tube is stripped from the bottom of the rack and transferred to the working station. As the
shuttle is filling the working station, it is simultaneously removing a part and indexing it to
the chip removal station, while a chip free tube is indexed out of the machine and down an exit
ramp. The shuttle motion is continuous as long as parts are available and proximity switches have
verified that parts are present and that the machining and chip removal operations have been
completed. Click on the below video link to see this process in action.

Results: Haven has the ability to adapt to most any customer specification. Our design
knowledge, flexibility, and manufacturing experience lead us to a customer satisfied solution.

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