integrated processing line for automotive airbag tubing.

Automotive Airbags

Solution: Today’s manufacturing environment calls for leaner operations, including the
technical resources available for product and process development. Engineers do not have the
time to piecemeal projects together with several suppliers. Instead, they are looking for
suppliers that can offer turnkey design and manufacturing. Such is this case study about a
Midwest airbag inflator company that wanted to reduce costs by bringing in-house their tube
cut-to-length and finishing operation. Haven worked with them from conceptual layout and process
design to plant installation and start-up. Each entity had a project lead person that coordinated
all communications related to process requirements, machine specifications, safety specifications,
and especially, quality assurance. The resultant integrated processing line included: Bundle
 – with part separation and pusher assembly that advanced the tube into an O.D. polishing unit;
Polisher– removed the black oxide coating on the tube; Exit Conveyor – transferred the polished
tube to the cutoff section; Cutoff Loading System – accumulated tubes from the polisher and indexed
them into the cutoff machine; Model 620 Kleencut Supported Shear Cutoff – ideal solution for cutting
high yield strength airbag tubing with no material lose from the cut; Double End Finishing –
Model 939 end finisher with I.D. and O.D. chamfer and end facing to a tight tolerance and
capability spec; 100% Length Inspection – check every tube to a pre-programmed tolerance range;
Transfer to Parts Washer – automatic indexing and transfer onto washer belt spindles. All of
these operations were tied together with various material handling systems for continuous product flow.

Results: Haven has long been recognized as the foremost in tube cutting and finishing equipment.
More and more companies are discovering that Haven has the ability to solve complex processing and
material handling challenges with turnkey engineered and manufactured solutions. Automotive air
bags is one of the most safety regulated products in the industry. Haven is proud to be able to serve them.


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Automotive Airbags

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Haven Products in Use
• Bundle Unloader
• Exit Conveyor
• Cutoff Loading System
• Model 620 Kleencut Supported Shear Cutoff
• Model 939 Double End Finishing
• Length Inspection
• Transfer to Parts Washer