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Oil/Gas Tubular Products and Testing

Challenge: Challenge: Design and build a robust material handling system that will withstand a harsh steel mill environment, while sustaining the sensitive calibration and motion of a sophisticated electronic test system.

Solution: The energy industry consumes an enormous amount of tubular products. Given the strict quality standards, new and used pipes must be thoroughly tested before used in the field. The testing method is a very sophisticated method called Full Body Phased Array Ultrasonic. Several testing attributes are performed at one time, requiring a handling system and integrated controls to effectively position and test a wide range of pipe sizes. Haven Manufacturing, recognized worldwide as a leader in integrated tube processing systems, has expanded its material handling and systems control knowledge into the oil & gas pipe testing market. In cooperation with leading ultrasonic electronics producers, Haven has designed a gantry and rail system that will support a Full Body Phased Array ultrasonic system. The capacity of this system is from 2.50″ to 20.00″ diameter and up to 48 feet long. The sequence of operation begins with measuring the length of each pipe to determine the end-of-pipe location. A walking beam transfer device then positions the pipe into the test station, while simultaneously removing a tested pipe to an exit table or conveyor. In the testing station, the pipe is rotated at a controlled RPM to match the specified linear speed of the ultrasonic tester carriage. The combination of rotation and carriage linear speed creates the desired test helix pattern for a given pipe diameter and wall thickness. Multiple servo drives control the synchronization of the test cycle. Manipulating up to 24000 pounds of pipe at one time requires both precision and robust construction.

Results: Haven’s reputation for dependable design and superior quality has been transformed from our standard tube cutting and finishing products to an industry that demands unusually high performance standards. Haven has provided our partners with the accuracy and reliability that sets them apart from their competition. Contact Haven directly for more information on this application or for any other tube and pipe processing application.

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Oil and Gas Tubular Products and Testing

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