Haven’s Servo Double End Finisher for Pipe CouplingsServo Double End Finisher samplesApplication: Stainless Steel Mechanical Pipe Couplings

Challenge: A leading mechanical pipe coupling manufacturer chose Haven Manufacturing to design and build a double end finishing machine for pre-formed stainless steel couplings.  Haven is well known for precision end finishing of as-welded tube, but this application was unique and required several modifications to our Model #922 short length double end finisher.  The tube is pre-formed on both ends, which causes excess material to elongate randomly from the ends.  The challenge was three-fold; accurately locate the part in relation to the formed sections; be able to machine varying amounts of material from each end; and control the chip load.

Solution: Part location was solved by designing clamp jaws that are dedicated to each tube configuration.  They “lock” in the tube, so that the critical dimension from the profile to the end of the tube is consistently maintained.  The amount of material removal and the subsequent chip generation is controlled through the use of servo spindle feed control.  Each end is independently machined to its exact length and a “peck” feed motion controls the amount of material removal per spindle revolution.  All of these design features also allow for a diameter and length changeover time of under five minutes.

Results: Innovation and proper use of available technologies, enables Haven to offer solutions for a wide variety of applications.  Haven’s flexibility, both mechanically and electronically, demonstrates the breadth and depth of our capabilities. Haven is a full service, turnkey supplier to the tube processing industry.

Dual-blade shear cutting

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