HavenTrak™ Flying Shear tube cutting machine

Today’s highly competitive metal tube market calls for tube manufacturers to find innovative, yet economical, solutions to meet their customer’s increasingly difficult demands. Metal tubes are a vital part of countless industrial and consumer products. Defense, aerospace, furniture, automotive, HVAC, medical, fitness and recreation are just a few of the industries that rely on metal tubes. The number of applications increases daily, as does the requirement for high quality and competitive pricing. Successful tube manufacturers need the means to meet these expectations while controlling production costs.

The HavenTrak™ Flying Shear tube cutting machine offers greater precision and value. It has a cut length tolerance of +/-.010 inch (+/-0.25mm). The U-TRAK™ control system offers a cycle rate of up to 31 CPM and a maximum mill speed of 250 FPM, depending on wall thickness and part length. Additionally, the heavy duty roller screw design maintains accuracy, rigidity, and low friction throughout every cut cycle.

The HavenTrak™ technology produces a clean cut, eliminating the need for a secondary de-dimple operation. It is easy to maintain, with simple tool change and access to all areas of the machine. The durable Dual-Blade Shear cut head is a standard Haven design featuring quick change tooling, automatic lubrication and a micro-mist blade cooling system. The hydraulic controls feature non-proprietary, stock industrial components. The U-Trak™ controls are easily configured and operated with a touch screen control panel and intuitive menus. Universal Controls Group offers off-the-shelf programming modules for easy upgrades and system integration. The HavenTrak’s compact design is easily installed and the entire unit can be moved by forklift.

The HavenTrak™ Flying Shear tube cutting machine is constructed to Haven’s high standards for durability and quality. Haven’s machines are known internationally for reliability, highest uptime, and lowest total cost of ownership of any competitive cutting system.

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