Brush Deburr and Length Inspection

Tube Cut-to-Length Quality Control

Solution: You don’t have to be in the automotive industry to be required to produce zero defect product. Tube manufacturers supply multiple markets and need to differentiate themselves from their competition. Offering 100% inspected product is one way to do that. Haven Manufacturing recognizes this need and offers a variety of solutions to our customers. Being flexible to new applications and open to new ideas, helps to set Haven apart from its competition. In this application, Haven was presented with the challenge of integrating 100% length inspection with a wire brush deburring machine. Sounds simple, but the method by which tubes travel through and exit from a brush machine makes it difficult to control the flow of the tube and position it quickly and accurately for electronic length inspection. Combining synchronized transfer methods with electronic position detection, Haven constructed a machine that has an output capacity of up to 2500 pieces per hour. Although fast, there remains enough time to reject any part that does not meet the pre-programmed length tolerance, without pausing the process. If three parts in a row are rejected, the machine then stops as a warning to the operator that something is wrong in the process.

Results: Haven’s ability to innovate electro-mechanical solutions that specifically address customer’s needs makes Haven a unique source in our industry. Haven customers meet and exceed the expectations of their customers with the help of Haven’s innovative tube processing solutions.


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• Integrated Brush Deburr and Length Inspection