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Driven to achieve zero defects, international automotive tube supplier performs 100% length inspection immediately after double end finishing.

Solution: In the world of zero defect requirements, visual inspection is not adequate. After
all, even 100% visual inspection is only 80% effective. Automotive suppliers must incorporate reliable
methods that will ensure that their products consistently meet the rigorous demands of the auto industry.
Automation is the answer. Today’s electronics allow companies like Haven Manufacturing to be very
imaginative in solving some of the most nagging quality issues in tube manufacturing. Haven’s ability
to innovate electro-mechanical solutions that specifically address customer’s needs makes Haven a
unique source in our industry. In this application, Haven was asked to develop an integrated length
inspection module directly after double end finishing. Haven’s broad line of double end finishers
have long been recognized as the most reliable and repeatable machines in the industry. Adding length
inspection sounds simple, but the standard machine drops out the finished part immediately after
machining. In order to incorporate length measuring, the tube must be re-oriented into a stable
position. This re-orientation requires additional handling equipment and a separate length inspection
machine, which adds cost and consumes more floor space. The answer to this challenge was the integration
of two processes into a single frame and controls, so that the tube does not lose its orientation
from machining to inspection. Haven engineers designed a walking beam style transfer system that
does exactly that. Tubes are positioned precisely in the machining station where opposed precision
bearing spindles perform I.D. and O.D. chamfers and end face to a very close and repeatable length
tolerance. From there, the part is walked to a chip blowout station, followed by the length inspection
station. Good parts are released and escape the machine, while rejected parts are automatically
diverted to a holding bin beneath the machine. If the machine experiences three rejects in a row,
the machine stops and signals the operator to investigate.

Results: Haven has once again demonstrated that our machines meet and exceed the high
expectations of automotive suppliers. Haven understands the stringent requirements that the
automotive industry demands and has the knowledge, flexibility, and design experience to produce the desired solution.

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International automotive tube supplier

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