In this application, Haven was challenged with providing an inspection machine that would 100% measure automotive door impact beams for overall length and TIR straightness, using laser technology. The inspection would be done after a heat treating operation, which follows a Haven dual-blade shear cutoff and a Haven double end finisher. The operating program was designed to require minimal operator input for setup. Very simply, the operator enters the part length, upper and lower length limits and the acceptable distortion value. That’s it. The inspection process begins with an elevating conveyor, which accepts parts from the heat treat operation. The tubes are elevated to the entry height of the inspection machine and deposited onto a magazine rack; level controlled by high and low proximity switches. The tubes are then indexed into a rotating star wheel. Subsequent indexes move the tube into the first station, which measures distortion, and then the second station, which measures length. If both parameters are within tolerance, the tube rolls down the exit ramp and to the next operation. If the part fails a test, the tube is diverted down one of two reject chutes; sorted by type of rejection.

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