KleenCut Supported Shear Cutting

KleenCut™ Supported Shear, Tube Re-Cut Machine

To remain competitive in today’s metal tube market, tube manufacturers must meet their customer’s increasingly difficult demands for tubes with diverse applications. Tubes are used in products across a broad range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, appliances, medical, health and fitness, HVAC, furniture, and storage. There are numerous applications, with more being developed all the time, resulting in various shapes, lengths, and materials. This variety does not reduce the demand for high quality, fast delivery, and competitive prices. Tube manufacturers must respond to each customer’s ever changing requirements while controlling production costs in order to achieve the margins needed to invest in their business. Today’s metal tube market poses a very complex set of problems for tube manufacturers.

Haven’s KleenCut supported shear cutting technology is near burr-free, typically requiring no end-finishing, and with none of the material loss associated with saw systems. They have high throughput, cutting up to 5,700 pieces per hour with cut length tolerance of +/-0.010 inch (+/- 0.25mm). Although the life of cutting tools varies with tube material and wall thickness, the KleenCut system offers outstanding tool cost with mild steel applications yielding over150,000 cuts prior to re-sharpening. The tool design allows up to 75 re-sharpenings further lowering the cost per cut. KleenCut has simple changeover. Conventional depth micrometers position the dies and punches to the cut centerline. Cut cylinder stroke is adjusted from the operator panel. The amount of stroke per cylinder and the distance the vertical cylinder travels before the horizontal cylinder fires are entered on the keypad. This gives tube manufacturers the ability to profitably accept smaller quantity orders. This flexibility increases new business but also helps retain current customers with smaller projects. Haven’s products, like KleenCut machines, have an international reputation for reliability and machine uptime. When combined with their fast service, Haven’s products have highest availability in the industry and the lowest total cost of ownership.

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