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Making Your Equipment Better Than The Original

Your equipment may have been designed for a unique product and process, but after decades of production has become unreliable causing both production and quality to suffer.

These are just a few of the reasons to consider a complete machine rebuild by Haven. In most cases, our team can improve machine performance by going beyond the standard rebuilding process and adding features not available when your machine was originally built. Haven has the professional expertise to assess when a rebuild makes sense for your business. With more than 40 years of experience designing and manufacturing tube processing equipment for all types of processes and materials, we know what new technologies will improve your efficiency and add quality to your finished parts.

Here’s what you can expect from the Haven machine evaluation process.
we review your machine’s overall condition including physical condition, process capability and service component availability.

Second, we review your current and future production requirements then, understanding your needs determine if a machine rebuild is a viable option for you. If a rebuild is a viable solution, we will provide you a formal proposal outlining the scope of work, recommended rebuild options, timeline for project execution and expected production output.

Your machine will be rebuilt by our team of skilled and experienced craftsman. Haven will take your existing machine (or another sourced machine) and completely disassemble it. Moving components are cleaned and examined for fit and function. Worn or damaged parts are either repaired or replaced as quoted. Wear surfaces are replaced or reground to new or better than new specs as quoted. Bearings, seals, feed rolls, wipers, wiring, switches, pumps, valves and hoses are also replaced per agreed scope of work. As specified, new technology such as the Haven 2020 SecureCut control system are incorporated into the machine during the build process so that your machine will have state-of-the-art performance and capabilities. The final product is a machine rebuilt from the ground up that performs better than when it was new and is sure to provide you with many more years of value.