Miter-Cut Sawing Machine

Miter-Cut Sawing Machine, Cold Saw Straight and Angular
Cutting Machine of Tubes and Profiles

The SA-150NC-Miter-Cut Sawing Machine is the most flexible system available for straight and angular cutting of tubes and profiles. It may be widely used in the construction, architectural, automotive, furniture, sport equipment, among other industries. It offers both high performance and flexibility, allowing cutting from 30-90-30 degrees and O.D. capacity up to 152mm (6.0”).

  • Three programmable axis for Full Automation and Cutting
  • Automatic bundle loading (MBA-6) for round/square tube
    or universal MU-6 for profiles
  • I2 Controls + touch screen system
  • Over 80 types of Cutting Combinations possible
  • Servo controlled Output System for Re-Cutting/Re-Feeding
    (multiple cuts on same end)
  • TCT or HSS blades
  • Built-in chip removal system

Model SA-150NC-Miter-Cut Sawing Machine
For Tube O.D. size range: 20mm – 152mm click here for more info


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Cutting Capacity Blade Type Hitch Feed Stroke First Crop Last Crop Outlet Length
  Model SA-150NC-Mitre Back to top of page Round 90° – 152mm Round 45° – 145mm Square 90° – 140mm Square 45° – 127mm Rect. 90° – 240x80mm Rect. 45° – 180x60mm TCT or HSS 370 – 450mm 20-100mm (one stroke setting) First – 25mm (short side) Last – 0-210mm (short side) + ἀ 20-2000mm 20-3000mm
Call us direct at 912-265-7536 or click here to send us an email