Multiple Station End Finishing and Inspection

Multiple station end finishing and inspection machine for automotive aluminum frame components.

Multiple Station Endfinishing and Inspection Machine

Application: Major automotive aluminum parts supplier requires an integrated multi-function machine for pre-hydroform tube machining, inspection and identification.

Solution: Haven’s ability to adapt to like and similar applications has once again been demonstrated through our creative design and manufacture of a custom machine that meets our customer stringent automotive specifications. This multi-attribute machine has seven (7) stations working simultaneously to complete a finished product every five (5) seconds. The sequence of operation is: double end-finishing (I.D., O.D. chamfer and end face), chip removal, overall length measuring, diameter, wall thickness and straightness inspection, and full length laser stenciling. A complex program monitors the results of each operation and accepts or rejects a part based on extremely tight tolerance specifications. A walking beam style transfer system ensures a smooth and complete progression of parts through the machine. Precision ground linear support and servo motion control allows for minimal setup time and statistically repeatable performance. Laser sensor technology gives this machine the highest level of accuracy and repeatability to ensure zero defects reach the final product. And finally, the Ethernet operating system allows for integration with the plant data collection system. The system will download part recipes and part identification, as well as upload measurement data and part identification to the customer’s data concentrator.

Results: This machine meets the high expectations of this automotive supplier. Haven understands the stringent requirements that the automotive industry demands and has the knowledge and flexibility to design and manufacture the desired solution.

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