Cutoff, Ballizer, EndFinishing

Application: Automotive Ride Control/Shock Absorbers

Challenge: Zero defects in the automotive industry is no longer a goal, but a requirement.  An industry leading ride control manufacturer and longtime Haven customer, contracted Haven to design and build an updated version of previously supplied machines.  The Haven Model 873 dual-blade shear cutoff, the most reliable and repeatable tube cutter on the market, anchors this integrated process line.  In order to utilize the high productivity rate of the cutoff, the customer requested a two-at-a-time sizing and end finishing secondary operation. One of the unique features of this machine is the sizing section.  A hardened steel ball is passed through each tube, which slightly expands the I.D. to ensure a very close tolerance.  Since the overall length is affected by the sizing, the tubes are transferred to a double end finishing operation, where the I.D. and O.D. is chamfered and the ends faced to an exact length.  From bundle loading, to cut-to-length, to sizing, to end finishing, on average, a tube is completed every 1.5 seconds.

Results: Quality assurance is not only a customer requirement, but a Haven requirement.  By keeping up with technological advancements and ever increasing customer demands, Haven is prepared to offer the best solutions for the tubular processing industry.


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Line of Business
Target Markets
Automotive Ride Control/Shock Absorbers
Haven Products in Use
• Model 873 Dual-Blade Shear Cutoff
• Bundle Loader
• Ballizer (tube sizing)
• Double-End Finisher