Introducing flexibility and productivity into a lower volume business.

Solution: In order to justify the investment in a Haven dual-blade shear cutoff, it is
commonly believed that annual production volumes must be high enough to fully utilize the machine’s
potential output; but this is not true for all cases. A Midwest roller conveyor manufacturer sees
much more value in owning a Haven than just pieces per hour. Capacity for future growth is one
justification, but the flexibility of the Haven Model #873 Servo dual-blade shear cutoff was the
primary reason for their purchase decision.

This customer specified a cutoff that could cut and feed their roller assembly machine in a
continuous flow operation. At the same time, they wanted to minimize the amount of tag-end scrap
by cutting several lengths from the same mill length tube to best optimize the multiple. The roller
conveyor industry has to have the ability to provide large volume material handling systems, but also
have the flexibility to react quickly to fulfill small quantity orders. Traditional thinking would
say to stockpile roller assemblies and use them as just-in-case inventory. Lean practices of today
limit inventories, while executing just-in-time methods. The Haven #873S cutoff gives the user the
ability to react to inconsistent production schedules by its ability to pre-program several lengths
and quantities at the same time from the operator’s panel or from a remote location. When large
quantity orders are received, the Haven #873S has the output capacity to fulfill those orders quickly
and efficiently. To fulfill the smaller orders, the optimized cut lengths that were cut to maximum
the multiple, can be retrieved from a limited stock supply to efficiently complete orders as they
are received. Speed, flexibility, ease of operation and cost reduction – all elements of a very
successful operation.

Results: Haven continues to delight our customers. They have learned to expect the same
robust steel construction and quick-change features that Haven has become well known for in our
entire line of cutoff machines and related equipment. The Haven #873 Servo Dual-Blade Cutoff is
just one more example of Haven’s expertise and flexibility to design solutions for almost any application.

Line of Business
Conveyor Manufacturer

Target Markets
Roller conveyor industry
Haven Product in Use
• 873 Servo Dual-Blade Shear Cutoff