Tennessee based manufacturer of high quality tubular products for furniture and other industries.

Solution: It was a proud day when Haven learned they would be helping to return American
manufacturing jobs back from China. It felt even better to know that Haven’s flagship machine,
the Model #873 Dual-Blade shear cutoff, was the solution that allowed it to happen. The primary
application is for mattress foundations; an assembly made from several 1” square tube lengths.
In the State of Tennessee alone, they have lost well over 56,000 manufacturing jobs, more than 2%
of the state’s total employment to China based companies in the past decade. Oddello Industries,
by partnering with proven American based equipment suppliers like Haven Manufacturing, has shown
itself to be able to compete for, and win, business back from China. Haven’s engineers helped
Oddello to develop a fully programmable process which couples a piercing operation, supplied by
another manufacturing partner, with a Haven Servo Controlled Dual-Blade Shear Cutoff machine.
The resulting process has proven able to process nearly 15 miles of tube per day into 38 unique
parts (SKUs) within length tolerances that never exceed 0.0015 inch.

This collaboration was proven so successful that the customer almost immediately made plans to
expand their operation. The original Haven machine was so reliable and efficient that the company
ordered a second Haven Model #873 Servo Dual-Blade Shear Cutoff machine to handle increased demand
from new customers and the customer for which this process was originally designed. The Haven #873
Servo Cutoff is capable of cutting tube from square or round stock, in lengths from 2” up to any
customer specified length, and employs a programmable closed-loop servo drive to assure extreme

Results: Haven customers have learned to expect the same robust steel construction and
quick-change features that Haven has become well known for in their entire line of cutoff machines
and related equipment. The Haven #873 Servo Dual-Blade Cutoff is just one more example of Haven’s
expertise and flexibility to design solutions for almost any application.

Servo Dual-Blade

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Line of Business
High quality tubular products for furniture and other industries.

Target Markets
Furniture and other industries.
Haven Product in Use
• 873 Servo Dual-Blade Shear Cutoff