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Automotive Shock Absorbers

Challenge: Major automotive shock absorber manufacturer requires a machine to perform
chamfering, end face, counter bore and O.D. reduction simultaneously.

Solution: The era of the traditional double end chamfering machine is almost non-existent.
Double end chamfer has evolved into more and more sophisticated machines that have to meet very
stringent OEM specifications, whether it automotive, aerospace or furniture. Haven’s ability to
adapt to changing customer requirements has sustained our reputation as a flexible and creative
design and manufacturing company. For this application, Tenneco Ride Control required a machine
that performs the traditional chamfer and end face, but also a counter bore on one end of the shock
absorber tube and a diameter reduction on the opposite end; all done within the same work station.
The solution required a combination of servo controlled feeds and speeds to maximize the production
cycle and to minimize the size and amount of offal. Removing this much material, chips can become
a major issue, so chip size control was critical. Incorporating chip breaking technology through
servo programming gave this machine that capability. For part handling, an overhead pick-and-place
system is used to transfer the tubes into and out of three positions; staging, work station and
chip blowout. Precision ground linear support and servo motion control allows for minimal setup
time and a statistically repeatable performance. The ability of this machine to complete all
machining operations in one step assures that the part will meet all geometric dimensional tolerances.

Results: This was the third machine of this type that Haven has supplied Tenneco. That in
itself speaks volumes to everyone at Haven. We are proud that our products consistently meet or
exceed the high expectations of automotive customers. Haven understands the stringent requirements
that the automotive industry demands and has the knowledge, flexibility, and design experience
to produce the desired solution.


Line of Business
Automotive Ride Control

Target Markets
Shock Absorbers and other precision end finishing applications
Haven Products in Use
• Special Design Double End Finishing Machine