tube conveyance

Haven has demonstrated their ability to uncoil and cut small diameter / long length tubing using their servo controlled dual-blade shear cutoff.

After the tube exits the cutoff, there are several paths the tube can take to complete the process. In this case, small diameter brake line and fuel line tubing requires post-straightening. The post-straightener is usually a driven rotary style, which requires the tube to be inserted into the first set of rolls to start the rotary action. To do this, Haven designed a magnetic conveyor that “grabs” the tube as it exits the cutoff. The tube is rapidly advanced toward and driven into the straightener rolls. This rapid advance also prevents the next tube exiting the cutoff from overlapping the previous tube, and it automatically separates splices and rejected sections of the tube as detected by an eddy-current device. During and after post-straightening, the tube must be handled safely and without damage. The Fallout Table contains the tube in an enclosed channel as it is rotating and advancing through straightener. The Fallout Table detects when the tube enters and exits the channel, where upon exiting, the channel automatically indexes and deposits the tube into one of two trays, depending on the length of the tube.

Haven Manufacturing can design and build a wide variety of material handling systems for the tube and bar markets. Haven will work with you to develop the correct solution for your specific application.