Trimming / Parting machine

Trimming large diameter/heavy wall tube

Solution: Stam, Inc. of Mentor, OH is a tubular fabricator specializing in heavy truck and machinery applications. Most of their products go through a bending process. As with most bent tubular forms, there is usually a length of tube that has to be trimmed off at a specific dimension from the bend. Several years ago, Haven developed a trimming/parting machine specifically for the hydro-form industry. The hydro-formers needed a machine that could be automatically loaded with a robot to create a continuous flow operation from the hydro-form press. Since these parts are bent and require trimming near a bend, the entry into the trim machine had to be open, with no obstacles to maneuver around or through. One solution is to use a circular saw. Inherent with circular saws is the mess made from the chips and slow cycle times. Stam came to Haven looking for a cleaner and faster solution. Haven’s open top design provided the right solution. Derived from the traditional dual-blade shear cutoff, the design is modified to have the clamping area completely open and free of any obstructions. Whether robotically or manually loaded, this open design allows for quick and easy access. The machine is completely self-contained, with all controls and functions housed in a single steel frame, ideal for cellular production layouts.

Results: Haven provided Stam the accuracy and reliability needed to meet their customer’s rigid requirements. Haven proved once again that its ability to design and manufacture application specific machines provides our customers the depth and breadth needed to solve almost any tube related challenge.


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Trimming large diameter/heavy wall tube

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Tube Fabricator
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