Servo controlled dual-blade shear cutoff justifies bringing production back from China.

Application: Tennessee based manufacturer of high quality tubular products for furniture and other industries.

It was a proud day when Haven learned they would be helping to return American manufacturing jobs back from China. It felt even better to know that Haven’s flagship machine, the Model #873 Dual-Blade shear cutoff, was the solution that allowed it to happen. The primary
application is for mattress foundations; an assembly made from several 1” square tube lengths.

In the State of Tennessee alone, they have lost well over 56,000 manufacturing jobs, more than 2% of the state’s total employment to China based companies in the past decade. Oddello Industries, by partnering with proven American based equipment suppliers like Haven Manufacturing, has shown itself to be able to compete for, and win, business back from China.

Read more about our solution and watch a video on the Model #873 Dual Blade here.