Integrate 2020 Productivity Into Your Older Equipment

Aging electronics put your critical production at risk of long-term interruption. Although multi decade durability has been a hallmark of the Haven’s products, the hardware in your original CNC equipment may no longer be available from the OEM. This leaves your production output hostage to the availability of used components on Ebay!

Although 20, 30 or even 40 years old, if your machine is in good mechanical condition, a retrofit with the state of the art Haven 2020 SecureCut, control system can be a cost effective way to extend the life and increase the productivity of your equipment.

Many times, retrofitting Haven cut off machines can improve productivity through reduced changeover times, better quality control and reporting, new levels of automation and system improvements. If your machine in is good mechanical condition, a new CNC control retrofit is a smart way to bring new life and capabilities to your equipment.

Our engineers will optimize the machine controls, motors and drives to meet your current production requirements.

Integrated Old New Image