Haven Manufacturing, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of high quality and dependable machinery for tube and bar cutting, finishing, and processing has recently updated the design of the well-known and widely used Model #922 End Finisher.

The Haven Model 922 is respected worldwide for its ability to process short part lengths. Modifications made to the Model 922 design gave the unit the ability to handle parts as short as 1.0”. The maximum part length for this model is 8.0”. Haven incorporates a single plane horizontal part clamping system to eliminate the need for multiple clamp adjustments and to allow for faster, more accurate, and repeatable centering of the part. Automatic loading of short length parts into the #922 from an upstream process can be effectively accomplished utilizing a Feedall Dual Lane Orienting Conveyor system. Parts to be processed can also be loaded in bulk from tote pans, hoppers, or by conveyors from a previous operation – saving time and money by eliminating an additional step from the process.

The Haven Model 922 is designed with two moveable spindle heads mounted on precision ground rails over an all steel welded base and, like all Haven products, is designed to last. The 922 features motorized lead-screw length adjustment with a digital readout, quick-change features for tools and tube escapement, easy to operate spindle feeds and speed control and can be used to process a wide variety of carbon steels, alloys, and stainless steels. The twin spindle heads simultaneously chamfers both inside and outside and faces the end of the processed part, leaving a smooth finish.

Haven Manufacturing is proud of their 30+ years manufacturing the finest tube-cutting, shearing systems, and cold saw systems available. Please visit the new Haven website (www.havencut.com) to learn more about Haven products and applications.

To learn more about the Model 922, contact Haven or visit us at www.havencut.com/end-finishing-machines/.