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Haven Manufacturing has success stories to share from a wide variety of industries all over the world. Haven machines have traditionally been utilized in the automotive, motorcycle, bicycle, furniture, construction products, exercise equipment, and similar industries to fabricate, produce, and verify a large variety of tube & bar parts to be used in the manufacture of their finished product. More recently, Haven has acquired a loyal customer base in industries such as oil/gas production, value added fabrication, structural tube fabrication, and systems integration.

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Integrated Brush De-Burr and Length Inspection

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 Tube Producers
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Application: Tube Cut-to-Length Quality Control Solution: You don’t have to be in the automotive industry to be required to produce zero defect product. Tube manufacturers supply multiple markets and need to differentiate themselves from their competition….

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Integrated Double End Finishing and Length Inspection

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 Tube Fabricators
Double End Finishing and Length Inspection
Application: Driven to achieve zero defects, international automotive tube supplier performs 100% length inspection immediately after double end finishing. Solution: In the world of zero defect requirements, visual inspection is not adequate. After all, even…


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